Psyonix has named the Rocket League subreddit's Discord server

As part of its ongoing efforts to connect with the Rocket Alliance community, Psyonix has named the Rocket League subreddit's Discord server as the official Discord server for the Rocket League.

The Discord community currently has 61,090 members who use this space to trade, create teams, showcase their gorgeous goals and techniques, and even guide each other to improve the game. The community hosts regular competitions and competitions, and Rocket Alliance community manager Psyonix_Devin frequents him. He promises that in addition to "you will eventually start seeing more Psyonix developers here, we are working hard to make your ideas closer to the studio than before. "

The server contains channels for players to find coaches, private rooms for team chats, e-sports discussions and viewing party channels, and areas to share their personal highlights. However, my favorite channel is a channel called "Fashion Alliance" where players can show off the coolest car loads they have. The Rocket Alliance community has some incredible creativity, and its members have assembled some very smooth cars.

The server also provides an active trading channel for each platform, allowing players to search for rare items to complete their appearance. Trade channels even feature trading “middlemen” and a broad reputation system to ensure fair trade.

Disharmony is often the de facto platform for the video game community because it provides text, voice and video chat and powerful tools for organizing and reviewing each server. Discord has recently even taken steps to support cross-platform support, allowing new games Collaborative approach.

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Aug 13, 2018