Queen Patch 12 Brings Balance Changes to Season 9

The Queen Patch 12, also named as Season 9 Balance Patch, has brought lots of balance changes and improvements since it was live several days ago. In this patch, it brings weapon, armor and mount changes for Season 9. Here is something new that you can get from this patch. 


Balance Changes

Patch 12 brings numerous updates to keep Albion's combat meta fresh. These changes are intended to make Crystal League matches more balanced, while also bringing several underused weapons and abilities to the fore.


Reworked Holy, Fire, and Arcane Staff spells; added new Arcane Q-ability

Updated various heavy melee lines like Hammers and Maces

Reworked Spear abilities

Updated cleanse and block spells on various armors

Updated move speeds and stats of battle mounts

Mobile Improvements and Fixes

This patch also brings further optimizations for mobile players, including:

Joystick control improvements

Optimized scaling for mobile screens

On-press tooltips for buffs and debuffs

Option to ignore low-tier resources while gathering

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May 23, 2020