Rocket League Chinese service on the upcoming international service players will be rewarded

Rocket League is the orthodox sequel to the Sonics rockets and has won numerous acclaims once launched and has won over a hundred international awards including TGA and other platforms. The game was announced in the first half of this year by the national agent version of Tencent Rocket League, but since then there is not much information to release, so that players wait a little more impatient, had to go to the international service experience.


In recent days, Rocket League the national dress has finally got the latest news, Tencent announced that Rocket League will start testing in December, and has been in the official website of the related activities, interested players can apply for test code , While the specific test time Tencent will be announced in early December TGC Tencent game event.

In addition, Rocket League national dress also welcomes the international service of China's small partners return, after all, in the service has a stable network services and more Chinese players. Officials also made efforts to return to the national service, players in international services can be verified on the official website, after which you can get Rocket League national service test eligibility, as well as national costumes exclusive props.

Rocket League national service online service players will be rewarded

Rocket League game quality clearance in the console version of the game can not only stand-alone play, but also with friends to conduct a network battle, whether entertainment or the pursuit of speed players can find the technology you want to play here, Rich vehicles and a variety of maps There are a variety of season modes are the players love it, interested players can try, maybe you will be deeply attracted to it.

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Nov 30, 2017