Rocket League launched a new progress update this week

The Rocket League this week launched a new progress update that eliminates the level cap and balances the experience players need to get a rating. This is the first major update of the recently appointed game director Scott Rudy during his tenure. I talked to Rudi on E3 about entering a mature eSports team in the third year and making changes, as well as the way traditional sports seem reluctant to change anything.

"For many of these sports, this is because they are solving a problem," Rudy said. "For example, the NFL, there are too many concussions, so we have to see how we do things, etc. You have to balance this. You must keep the game pure, but you must also consider those players lucky. Yes, no one is hurt like this in our sport, but you must pay close attention to it."

Rudi's other fortunate breakthrough made the change easier to handle. Unlike many games, the Rocket League did not improve. All levels and experience values show others the extent to which someone is playing the game and help unlock custom parts.

"We just have a very level playing field and it comes down to skill and teamwork, whether you win or not. So we don’t have much time to fix it, and it does fail. We want to add it outside of the core experience, or Fix minor issues like server health or stability."

The static core experience is a bit of a foundation for traditional sports, but it is not now a selling point for games-as-a-service, and they are thriving for players to reinvent themselves in months and years. With this in mind, we asked Rudi if he thought the Rocket League was more like an eSports or game as a service. Cheap Rocket League Crates and Keys, Buy Rocket League Items for Sale On OnlineGameShop.COM, Instant Delivery, 24/7 Service, 100% Safety!

"These are both," he said. “What we do makes it a better game as a service and it also benefits it as an eSports. This is rare. I have to make choices when I encounter other games elsewhere: this is Good thing for watching or for core gameplay? Rocket League's core gameplay is great for eSports, so the only decision we really make is whether we want to increase the viewing experience or the shouting experience, or how we keep the game to the player. Freshness, we must do it anyway. I feel very fortunate that I don't have to make Sophie's choice beneficial to this or that, because it is usually."

Aug 28, 2018