Rocket League will enable cross-platform parties has been delayed

The release of RocketID, a brand new addition to Rocket League declared earlier this year that may alter cross-platform friends and parties, has been delayed. The arrange had been to roll out the RocketID feature this month, however developer Psyonix aforesaid these days that it is not attending to happen.   

"As printed in our Summer Roadmap Update, our goal was to unharness RocketID in Sept, however we’ve created the troublesome call to push it out of Sept and embody it in a very future update," Psyonix wrote. "We need to confirm that RocketID is working cleanly on all platforms before its unharness, and this overtime can make sure that you will be enjoying and partying up with friends on completely different platforms with ease." 


The update conjointly discusses the hotfixes and changes created following the discharge of the key Progression Update a few of weeks past, as well as bug fixes and changes to the XP conversion system, that apparently had some sudden results for a few players.   

"Two major factors went into determinative however you'd be born-again into the new progression system: on-line matches played—which excludes non-public matches and relies on our own internally-tracked match history—and earned  XP," Psyonix explained.   

"The internal match history we tend to used for this conversion method might not line up with what you see on stat-tracking websites for variety of reasons, as well as native save file corruption or manipulation. beside matches contend and XP, we've  factored current on your last level before the update, whereas granting up to 10 further levels to players supported wherever they fell inside the curve of matches contend by their same-level peers." 

A new date for the RocketID rollout hasn't been set however Psyonix aforesaid it'd offer additional info "when the time is true."

Sep 13, 2018