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"Team Fortress 2" is a FPS online game developed by Valve Corporation and officially released on October 9, 2007. There are nine different professions and abilities in the game. Each profession has its own advantages and disadvantages, and has a variety of unique weapons. Since its release, the game has won the 2007 Best of the Year Awards by many important game media such as IGN, Game Spy, and Game Pro. Players in TF2 can play 9 occupations. According to its functions, it is divided into three categories: defensive, offensive and auxiliary. There are at least three basic weapons in each class: a major weapon that is unique to a profession, a secondary weapon such as a shotgun (Ithaca 37 is a prototype) or a pistol (a prototype of Walter PPK/S), and each has its own characteristics. Close-fighting weapons, such as the bottle used by Demoman (or a Scottish sword that can be decapitated to increase speed and health), the recurve for snipers, and the fire axe for the Fireman.


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