The Nuggets will tie with the Clippers in the 8-seed race with a loss

The Nuggets are currently Schrodinger's playoff team, existing in a plane in which they're neither in nor out of the postseason. Currently a half-game above the Clippers for the final seed in the Western Conference, it's been an up-and-down season for Denver. At 35-29 and 6-4 in their last 10, there's hope for the Nuggets, but they're a tough sell in the West. Lucky for them, the Clippers lost to the Pelicans in a nail-biter last night, while they fell to the Mavericks.

As for the Cavs, they remain one of the most frustratingly inconsistent teams in basketball. They just lost to the Nuggets on Saturday, and they're nine games back of the first-seeded Raptors (who have won nine of their last 10). Since the team flipped itself over at the trade deadline, it's had serious peaks and valleys of its own. Odds are, the Cavaliers will end up being the third seed in the East, but this is a team built with playoffs in mind. With that being said, they won't want to fall further in the standings. The Wizards and 76ers are already dangerous teams for Cleveland, the last thing they want to do is lose home-court (particularly against two fan bases starved for success).


Gary Harris was the leader for the Nuggets in their win over the Cavaliers on Saturday, dropping 32. Will Barton was also huge off the bench, putting up 23 of his own. For the Cavs, LeBron James and J.R. Smith led the way, getting 25 and 19, respectively. It was a high-scoring game, ending 126-117, but the Nuggets pulled it out. They'll look to do the same against the Cavaliers tonight, as they try to keep their playoff spot locked up. The Nuggets don't hold the tie-breaker against the Clippers, so if they lose they're out of the playoff picture for the time-being. In a Western Conference race this tight, you don't want to be outside looking in. continues to be a 100% safe belvedere for trading basic bill which can be acclimated for affairs in-game upgrades and items for bridge levels faster. They aswell said that are acquittance and fast supply are two added big affidavit why would accept becoming assurance of gamers from about the world. Cheapest NBA 2K18 MT, Cheap NBA 2K18 Coins and NBA 2K18 VC Account on, instant delivery, 24/7 service. 100% safety! We guarantee safety of our best selling & all of our games to our clients, We accept a profession accumulation to ensure all the affairs are proceeded in a safe environment. If you ache a accident due to the safety, we yield abounding albatross for it.

Mar 8, 2018