This was mostly a successful year for Madden

EA was able to accomplish a adequately bland alteration to the Frostbite Engine. They implemented FIFA's accepted Weekend Leagues in Ultimate Team, and aloft all, alien Longshot—a new adventure approach that becoming a Writer's Guild nomination. That's on top of the accepted gameplay tweaks—the band play is absolutely accomplished this year—and abate additions like the adeptness to play reside games.

It's not a amplitude to say that Madden is the arch bold in EA's sports portfolio appropriate now, abnormally with FIFA's contempo decline. As I've said before, we're able-bodied accomplished the bad old canicule of the aboriginal 2010s.

But as always, there are affluence of areas in which Madden can improve. We will not apperceive what EA has up its sleeve until E3, but we can still accomplish a few reasonable predictions apropos what will be addressed in the new year. Here's what I'm assured to see in Madden 19.


A Authorization Approach Overhaul

Fans accept been arrant out for this back at atomic Madden 25. EA has fabricated affluence of improvements to authorization approach in the accomplished year, but it still lags abaft a lot of added sports sims. Even NHL is bigger now.

NBA 2K and NHL accept laid out the adapt for what a acknowledged authorization approach should attending like in 2018: a absolutely customizable approach in which you can body your own teams and abode them area you see fit. As always, the added ascendancy you accord players, the happier they will be. And Madden's authorization offers the atomic ascendancy of any above sports sim.

If EA can't acquaint player-created teams, afresh it can atomic yield a able at convalescent Buyer Mode. I've been banging this boom for what seems like always now, but Buyer Approach is both torn and absolutely afar from the absolute realities of getting an buyer in the NFL. Worse, it's a all-important angry if you wish to move your aggregation to addition city.

One affair EA shouldn't change is online franchise. Madden has had one of the best online authorization modes in gaming back 2013, and EA shouldn't blend with that. But in a lot of added respects, it's time for EA to yield a harder attending at authoritative authorization approach added agreeable and meaningful. If annihilation else, a solid allurement to play above the Super Bowl would be nice.

In any case, admirers accept been articulate abundant that I would be actual afraid if EA anesthetized on authorization approach improvements afresh this year. We're traveling to see something. It's just a catechism of what.

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Feb 1, 2018