Top 10 Best Cluster Jewel Notables in Path of Exile Delirium

Cluster Jewels are introduced in the Delirium expansion of Path of Exile. These jewels can modify the Passive Skill Tree with new modes and provide powerful new possibilities for your character builds. There are 280 new notables for you to utilise in your builds. 

There are three sizes of jewel - Large, Medium and Small, each with a different focus. Large jewels may be placed in the outermost passive skill tree sockets and focus on offensive bonuses. Medium jewels can be placed in the outermost passive skill tree sockets or a socket created by a large jewel and they focus on specific mechanics and utility effects. Small cluster jewels can be placed in sockets created by Large or Medium jewels and sockets on the outermost parts of the passive skill tree. Small jewels focus on defences. Same with other Jewels, these jewels can be modified by crafting. Here are the top 10 best cluster jewels for your reference. 


List of Top 10 Best Cluster Jewels Notables in Path of Exile 

1. Hollow Palm Technique

You count as Dual Wielding while you are Unencumbered

60% more Attack Speed while you are Unencumbered

14 to 20 Added Attack Physical Damage per 10 Dexterity while you are Unencumbered

2. Overwhelming Malice

10% chance to gain Unholy Might for 4 seconds on Critical Strike

Unholy Might grants 30% of Physical Damage as extra Chaos Damage

3. Purposeful Harbinger

Aura Buffs from Skills have 10% increased Effect on you for each Herald affecting you

4. Supercharge 

Lightning Damage with Non-Critical Strikes is Lucky 

5. Cold to the Core 

1% increased Cold Damage per 25 Dexterity 

1% increased Cold Damage per 25 Intelligence 

1% increased Cold Damage per 25 Strength 

6. Master of Fear 

Enemies you Curse are Intimidated 

Enemies you Curse are Unnerved 

7. Self-Fulfulling Prophecy 

+1% to Critical Strike Change of Herald Skills 

+25% to Critical Strike Multiplier if you dealt a Critical Strike with a Herald Skill Recently 

8. Replenishing Presence

8% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills

Auras from your Skills grant 0.2% of Life Regenerated per second to

you and Allies

9. Heraldry

20% increased Effect of Herald Buffs on you

10% reduced Mana Reservation of Herald Skills

10. Endbringer

25% increased Damage for each Herald affecting you

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Apr 23, 2020