Two game-changing features introduced by Maplestory M

Maplestory M is a great way to transfer the game's original interface to your phone, making it more user-friendly and without compromising gameplay. In mobile games, players can easily view and access their controls, menus, tasks, chat rooms, health and magic wands at any time, whether they are in combat or in combat. In contrast, like most MMORPGs, the original game has a lot of hotkeys attached to many of the game's features that are difficult to keep up with new players. The ease of use and visibility of game features is an improvement.

Two game-changing features introduced by Maplestory M include Auto Quest and Auto Battle.

You can access the automatic task after you start playing. It allows players to send their characters by competing with non-player characters or completing tasks, or by killing a certain number of crickets or getting specific mobs. Automated tasks are great because it makes you lazy. Why do you need to figure out the area map to find out the location of an NPC, or waste your precious time looking for a specific mob, when you can automatically go where you need to go? Auto Quest reduces the amount of time you need to specialize in the often cumbersome tasks of Maplestory, many of which require messages to be sent back and forth between NPCs so you can have a better time in the guild or exploration.


When your character reaches level 20, the automatic battle is unlocked. Every day, you receive a free "2 hour charge" for automatic play, this feature allows the player's character to automatically attack and kill the monster on the map it is on. When you open an automatic match, your character will automatically navigate the map, attack monsters, gain experience points, and absorb resources to maintain your health and magic points. During an automatic match, the character is not immune to death or damage, so if their potions are exhausted or too weak for the monster they face, they will die. Once the automatic battle is exhausted, you will have to actively grind or hand over the funds in exchange for the crystal, the game's game currency to extend your automatic play.

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Aug 17, 2018