What Can You Expect from Path of Exile 3.11.1B Patch Notes

Recently, GGG is busy with the deployment of patch 3.11.1b which is expected to be completed within the next week. To help players know more about the update, GGG has revealed various fixes and improvements for all players to preview. Here is the full list of the patch 3.11.1b. 

Harvest Improvements

Added currency icons to the Harvest Crafting UI to more clearly display what a given crafting option does at a glance.

Added additional colouring to the highlighting on key words in Harvest crafting descriptions.

Reduced the amount of time that the 'Harvest Ready' notification is displayed to 5 seconds (was 15 seconds).

It is no longer possible to Upgrade Essences, Oils or Maps when viewing the Stash through the Harvest Crafting 'stash view'.

Fixed a bug where attempting to upgrade Oils in a Blight Stash Tab would result in the Oils being deleted if you were viewing the Stash through the Harvest Crafting 'stash view'.

Fixed additional bugs that could cause the Avatar of the Grove to fail to transition to another phase of the encounter.

Fixed an issue where clicking the Seed Cache negatively impacted performance for the remainder of the area.

Fixed a bug preventing the use of The Enmity Divine or upgraded Harbinger Unique items in the "Change a Harbinger Unique or Unique Piece into a random Beachhead Map" Harvest Craft.

Fixed a bug where Oshabi would repeatedly say "This way, exile." each time you entered the Sacred Grove if you had completed or partially completed the Harvest tutorial quest without speaking to her first.

Fixed a bug where the incorrect quest text would be displayed after you had activated the Heart of the Grove.

Fixed a bug where completing Shaper Guardian Maps with maximum Delirium didn't count towards the "Complete a Rare Map with maximum Delirium" challenge step.

Fixed a bug causing the Sacred Grove portal to spawn in unwalkable locations in The Belly of the Beast Level 1 and The Belly of the Beast areas.


Bloom Improvements

Reduced the intensity of Bloom effects for the following assets: The Eradicator skills, Stygian Desecrate Effect, Tornado Shot, Flame Golem skills, Tectonic Slam, Automaton Divine Ire Effect, Phasing effect and Pandemonium Wings.

Fixed a bug where using Divine Ire while wearing the Angelic Helmet microtransaction caused bright visual flashes.

General Improvements

The Ricochet notable has been renamed and is now called Trick Shot.

The fractured versions of Sporeplume now have less life, rather than increased damage taken. The desired result is for there to be no change in difficulty, simply to fix a case where large damage taken modifiers could cause larger than normal amounts of reflected damage to be dealt.

Fixed a bug where upgrading a Blight Oil in the Blight Stash Tab was possible while the next highest tier of Oil was already at its maximum stack size (of 5000).

Fixed a bug where control + clicking a Map in the Anointing slot of the Blight Stash Tab would cause the map to be deleted if your Blighted Maps section was full.

Fixed a bug where enchanting a belt would remove quality that had been added by using Catalysts.

Fixed a bug where the "+1 Cooldown Use" stat from the Hasty Reconstruction passive skill didn't work in instances other than the one in which the stat was gained.

Fixed a bug where the Cold Steel unique jewel didn't convert the Physical Damage from the "x% increased Melee Physical Damage while you have Fortify" passive skills.

Fixed a bug where the Alchemist's Genius buff (granted by the Spiked Concoction cluster jewel notable passive) didn't apply to various Flask effects, including the Vaal Skill stats from the Soul Catcher unique Quartz Flask.

Fixed a bug preventing the use of Bloodstained Fossils on Maps.

Fixed a bug where the Chrome Arctic Breath skill used by Chrome-touched Croakers and Chrome-infused Croakers would detonate as soon as it was cast, rather than when colliding with a target.

Fixed a bug introduced in 3.11.0 where Rumbling Mass and similar monsters were missing textures.

Fixed a bug introduced in 3.11.0 where The Samurai's Eye divination card lost its background art.

Fixed a bug where Pocked Lanternbearers' and similar monsters' lanterns did not dim out when they were killed.

Fixed a bug where the Demonic Body Armour microtransaction did not align correctly with the Ranger's hands.

Skill Improvements

Reduced the frequency that Raised Zombies play their idle audio.

Fixed a bug introduced in 3.11.1 where Awakened Elemental Focus was no longer able to support Wintertide Brand.

Fixed a bug where the "Earthquake deals x% increased Damage per 0.1 seconds Duration" enchantments did not apply to Vaal Earthquake.

Fixed a bug where the Fist of War Support visuals would appear if you were Frozen while performing a supported attack.

Fixed a bug where the "Minions recover X Life when they Block" stat from the Bone Offering skill was not visible on the skill tooltip.

Fixed a bug where using Doryani's Touch after using Lightning Warp could cause the Doryani's Touch skill to be used at the original location, rather than where you Lightning Warped to.

Fixed a bug where Galvanic Arrow could sometimes knock enemies back in the wrong direction.

Crash Fixes

Fixed a client crash that could occur when your Sound 'Channel Count' setting was set to High but your hardware was unable to support it.

Fixed four instance crashes.

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Jul 9, 2020