What Made Team Fortress 2 More Popular Than Other FPS Games?

TF2, the abbreviation of Team Fortress 2, is a free-to-play first person shooter game developed by Valve and available on Steam. As one of the best first person shooters ever made, it has had a nine year development. It is free to download and play and also supports in-game purchases.


TF2 is a team-based first person shooter focused mostly on the 9 different characters in the game working together to complete different tasks and mission against other online players. Some of these classes include the Sniper, the Scout, the Engineer, the Spy, and the Soldier, each with their own weapons, strengths, and weaknesses. 

Compared to other online FPSs, it is much more popular with features as below. First of all, it has a very interesting range of weapons. There is nothing comparable to a "classic machine gun", normally a staple of multiplayer FPS. Picking a new weapon within a class can almost entirely change how that class plays. So in addition to each of the 9 classes having vastly different playstyles, you have a lot of fun and variety within each class.

Secondly, TF2 is easy to learn and heavy to master - unlike different MOBA's you will feel your skill improve with every match, with every counter. The short death time and the different classes with easy to distinguish skills combined with perfect cards give you great matches.

Thirdly, TF2 has fun gameplay, balanced classes, and great maps and game modes but what makes you really keep playing is the massive amount of items. Thay are available to purchase or are obtainable by just playing the game. Moreover, TF2 has one of the most stable servers to make players better enjoy the game.  

All in all, TF2 is a marvellous game for players to enjoy even though its player base has shrunk recently due to a lack of updates and arrival of strong competitors. If you are looking for Team Fortress 2 Items, welcome to Onlinegameshop.com. As a reliable and professional online store with rich experience in this field, we offer cheap TF2 Items with the cheapest price instant delivery, safe transaction and friendly customer service guaranteed. You can get what you need and more from our site. 

Apr 21, 2020