What New Experiences Will the New Season Bring to You?

The developer announced the official launch of the 12th quarter. Here are the places that are closely related to the player:

Now you can get a competitive 11th season reward. In addition, new quality of life adjustments, such as new audio mixing, utilize high dynamic range (HDR) audio and new "high five" and "now available live" low five "statistics.

The Rocket Pass increased by 0.4 in the 12th quarter. This pass has a new rally called Mudcat. Here's more information on how to unlock it:

As with the previous Rocket Passes, as long as you purchase Rocket Pass Premium, you can unlock Mudcat and start unlocking Mudcat GXT and accessing Pro Tiers. Check out this sturdy ride and other special items in the Rocket Pass 4 trailer below!

The weekly challenges of Rocket Pass 4 are also different. New challenges won't expire after a week, so you don't have to rush to complete them. The following are more detailed details:

Like the Rocket Pass 3, the free and advanced tracks have three new challenges every week. Weekly challenges can help you climb Tiers faster with Tier Points. Each challenge is worth three, five or eight levels per week. The Rocket Pass 4 has 70 floors, but reaching the Tier 70 is just the beginning. Pro Tiers rewards the painted or special edition of the selected Rocket Pass 4 project, all of which are tradable.

You can use 10 keys to unlock Rocket Pass Premium or use 20 quality suits to lead the game. This advanced package has 12 layers.

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Aug 28, 2019