What You Can Expect from the Latest Harvest Expansion in Path of Exile

The latest expansion, Harvest, will be released on PC on June 19 and later for PS4 and Xbox One. In Harvest, a brand new gameplay element has been added to the world of Wraeclast. GGG has revealed some information about the newest expansion. Here is what you can expect from it.  


Main Features of Path of Exile Harvest Expansion 

Download and play all content for free, but never pay-to-win.

The Harvest Challenge League and its powerful crafting system.

Four new Warcry skills, and a rework of three existing ones.

Three new Brands, one Brand support gem and revamped existing brands.

New ‘Slam’ skill category including a news Slam skill and support gem. Revamps to existing slams.

Dynamic rebalance to existing gameplay.

Improvements to over 50 unique items as well as 12 new ones.

A Passive Skill Tree revamp

Delirium core game integration

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Jun 9, 2020