• NA-Entity-Dominion(PVE)
  • EU-Luminai-Dominion(PVP)
  • EU-Luminai-Exiles(PVP)
  • EU-Jabbit-Exiles(PVE)
  • EU-Jabbit-Dominion(PVE)
  • EU-Jabbit2-Dominion(PVE)
  • EU-Jabbit2-Exiles(PVE)
  • Please Select NA-Entity-Dominion(PVE) Coins
1. LiveChat Support to arrange in-game face to face trade, Go to designated trading location at Trading.
2. All in-game currency pricing changes from time to time.
3. Only paid orders will locked in in-game currency price in the event of price change.
4. In the event of a price change and you've place an order without contacting customer service office to pay your order, YOU MUST MAKE a new order.