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Astellia Online, released on September 28, 2019, is a free-to-play fantasy 3D MMORPG which features large-scale battle and summoning system ‘Astell’ with trendy TCG element. In the game, players can do a lot of things, such as collect cards to create summon new Astell, and summon up to 3 Astells into an action combat battle to fight by the player, and help the player to protect the innocents of the world. The game is very attractive to global players with the following features.


1.Concept of fairy tales with unique characteristic and personality.

2.Strategic and tactical game play depending on combination of ‘Astell’.

3.Thrilling action combat between character and ‘Astell’.

4.Instance Dungeons, Raid, Hunting Field, and end contents for PvP and PvE which coexist with various end contents.

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